Hello! I’m Erika Frost. I’m a Paranormalist, Intuitive, Medium, HypnoReiki Practitioner & Certified Yoga Teacher.

Erika Frost

Erika Frost


A continuous student of life and employee of the Universe, Erika is known as professional ghost hunter, Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Yogi, writer, dancer and friend! She has worked in a number of capacities as an intuitive and consultant, and spent almost a decade as the resident paranormal investigator and paranormal media personality aboard the infamous haunted Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. She has been featured on SciFi, Travel Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Coast to Coast and more. Erika has had multiple successes in helping to bridge the gap between the afterlife and present-life, bringing clarity, peace and healing to private clients, professionals, businesses, and homeowners alike.

Erika was first opened to her multiple gifts in a near death experience at age 20 setting her on personal journey of discovery and healing!Now she's passionate about inspiring others to create their dreams.... awakened with curiosity and free from fear. Encouraging each person she works with to discover their purpose through the gentle balance of the mind, body, spirit connection and lots of laughter!

Erika's long time career as a professional paranormal investigator taught her that there are many possibilities in life. She recognizes that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe in which we all have access to—understanding that our consciousness continues beyond this physical existence. She teaches that the supernatural is actually to be considered natural, rather than "super", as we are layers of expansive energy.

Although intuitive by nature, Erika has a deep appreciation for science and the value it brings when dealing with otherworldly experiences, taking great care to continuously bridge the world of science and spirit to uncover the deeper truths of life and the afterlife

Erika is most excited about her healing work and loves to empower people to their own gifts and purpose through Intuitive Life Coaching, guided meditation workshops, private and group paranormal adventures, HypnoReiki, Meditative Creative Art Programs, Yoga and the deeper look at Self through introspective work.

She often facilitates connections to lost loved ones and is known for her open, uplifting and accepting spirit. Using Reiki and her gifts as a Medium, she has brought comfort to those transitioning in hospice and the families left behind; knowing that this is a sacred time for all involved. Her passion for helping beings undergoing transition has brought her to create a care for caregivers program, specifically involving those with Alzheimer’s. She understands through spirit, that the human journey is filled with complexities of emotions, choices and life lessons.

Erika recognizes the need for not only self care programs, but programs to facilitate a deeper awareness of community care and connection.


"Your life is a gift, own your purpose and share it with the world!"

~Erika Frost


As Erika playfully continues along her journey she is a constant student of life; learning, growing and sharing with all those who want to expand into a deeper sense of empowerment! She encourages you to live, wildly with passion, playfully with joy, through the eyes of love and with deep gratitude.

Much love,