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The "TEMPORARY" mantra

There's nothing like a swarm of mosquitos and a guided full moon meditation on top of one of the most amazingly beautiful spots in California to drive home the reminder that all things are temporary. As I sat in the moment of the rise of the Strawberry Full Moon Friday night and tried to follow the instructions of the Intuitive guide, I pondered how the heck I was going to politely sneak my way out of the circle as I was combating the most aggressive, buzz-in-my-ears, wholly crap I just got bit again, mosquitos?! How can I be witness to such beauty with the rise of the full moon, while at the same time feeling overwhelmingly irritated by the annoying situation I was in? My natural monkey mind instinct was to run, leaps and bounds, far away from the dive bombing buzzing in my ears, but my spirit self was so drawn to continue on with the meditative experience and gaze at the magic of the moon that I decided to hang in there. Well, 25 bites later and with a beautiful full moon experience in my heart, I discovered the reason for my temporary moment of insanity to stick it out. The duality of temporary and it's deeper lesson.....

According to, Mosquitos remind us how unimportant and TEMPORARY things are - especially those things that can be irritating. Oh the irony, as one of my most favorite mantras (especially when I'm in a tough or challenging time) is "All things are temporary"; which by the way was exactly what I was repeating while enduring the vicious winged attack. Beauty in all it's goodness is temporary, just as irritations in all it's ickyness is too! For me, remembering the temporary side of life helps to keep me in the present moment and bring gratitude and humor to any situation!

And so as the beautiful full moon of Friday night was ripe and full with magical energy in that moment, as the mantra goes "All things are temporary" and the moon is now at 86% full....changing even as I write this blog. And as for my 25 mosquito bites, well as the mantra goes "All things are temporary" (thank goodness) and they are healing quite nicely ;)

With much...

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